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The Hare and the Tortoise – A play for children


Characters: Three storytellers, hare, tortoise, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, bears and an
(Stage Directions: The three storytellers are on the left hand side of the stage and the tortoise is moving around the stage in slow motion.)
Storyteller 1: Once upon a time there lived a tortoise.
Storyteller: 2: He liked to go for a leisurely stroll by the edge of a big forest.
Storyteller 3: One day a hare came bounding up towards him. (Hare comes running on the stage.)
Hare: (He pushes the tortoise out of the way and nearly knocks him over.) Out of my way you slow coach. You must be so bored because it takes you so long to get anywhere.
Storyteller 1: The tortoise looked up at the hare and said…
Tortoise: I know I could beat you in a race any day.
Hare: You beat me? Don’t make me laugh! I am so much faster than you. (He shows off his muscles and starts to run up and down.)
Storyteller 2: The hare laughed and laughed
Storyteller 3: Then he met some foxes. (Foxes enter at the centre of the stage.)
Hare: Foxes, do you think that tortoise could beat me in a race?

Foxes: Oh, no he couldn’t. (Foxes shake their heads in disbelief.)
Tortoise: Oh yes, I could. (He nods his head.)
Storyteller 1: Then some hedgehogs came to see what was happening. (Hedgehogs enter the centre of the stage.)
Hare: Hedgehogs, do you think that tortoise could beat me in a race?
Hedgehogs: Oh yes, he could. (The Hedgehogs nod their heads.)
Hare: Oh no he couldn’t. (He shakes his head.)
Storyteller 2: The badgers that were underground heard the arguing and came up to the surface. (They mime moving to the earth and getting to the surface.)
Badgers: What’s going on here? (They are annoyed that they have been disturbed by the noise.)
Hare: The tortoise thinks that he can beat me in a race. What do you think?
Badgers: Oh no, he couldn’t. (Badgers shake their heads.)
Tortoise: Oh yes, I could. (He nods his head.)
Storyteller 3: The bears that were sleeping heard the noise and came trundling along. (Bears enter the centre stage by making bear noise and taking big loud steps.)
Bears: What’s going on here?
Hare: The silly tortoise thinks he can be beat me in a race. What do you think?
Bears: Oh yes, he could. (They shake their heads.)

Storyteller 1: The animals continued to argue about who would win the race. (All the animals start arguing with one another making lots of noise.)
Storyteller 2: Then, suddenly the eagle swooped down to where all the animals were. (Eagle flies gracefully on to the stage.)
Eagle: (Eagle uses a whistle to stop the noise.) What’s going on here?
Hare: The silly tortoise thinks he can beat me in a race. Do you think he could beat me?
Eagle: I don’t know but there is one way of finding out. Why don’t you have a race?
Everyone: What a great idea. (They all start cheering.)

Eagle: Right: Hare and Tortoise line up at the starting line. (The hare and the tortoise start limbering up and they get ready at the start line.) On your marks, get set, GO!
Storyteller 3: All the animals cheered at the side as the hare ran off very quickly and the tortoise just plodded along.
Storyteller 1: After a while the hare stopped and said…
Hare: (He wipes his brow.) I’m already half way through so I think I will have a nap in the warm sunshine. (The hare starts to make himself comfortable, lies down and starts snoring.)

Storyteller 2: The hare fell fast asleep and the tortoise walked steadily on and on.
Storyteller 3: The hare woke up suddenly. (He starts to yawn and stretch.)
Hare: What a nice sleep. No sign of the tortoise so I better stroll along and finish the race.

Storyteller 1: The hare ran to the finish line.
Storyteller 2: Just as he got there he saw the tortoise crossing the line.
Storyteller 3: All the other animals were cheering and celebrating the tortoise’s victory. (All the other animals start to congratulate the tortoise. The hare stomps off in anger.)

Tortoise: Slow and steady wins the race.
Everyone: (except the hare who is sulking) Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray, Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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