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The Magic Porridge Pot – 10 Minute Play for Children

Halloween  witches cauldron

The Magic Porridge Pot

Characters: Two storytellers, Daisy, Maisy, Mother, four villagers, old woman and the porridge pot.
Storyteller 1: Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Daisy who lived with her mother in a very small house.
Storyteller 2: They were very poor and they didn’t have much to eat. One day, they were really, really, really hungry.
Mother: I am very hungry. (She rubs her tummy.)
Daisy: I know, I will go into the forest and collect some mushrooms.
(She walks into the forest by herself and starts collecting mushrooms. Suddenly, an old woman creeps up behind her.)
Old Woman: What are you doing, little girl?
Daisy: My mother and I are very hungry. I am looking for some mushrooms for us to eat for our tea.
Old Woman: (She hands the little girl a porridge pot.) Here, take this.
Porridge Pot: Oh, dear, what is to become of me? (Starts crying.)
Old Woman: I am travelling far away and I can’t take this porridge pot with me. (Woman walks off.)
Daisy: (Looks at the crying porridge pot and shakes her head.) What am I suppose to do with you?
Porridge Pot: Well, if you are hungry just say, ‘Boil, pot, boil, pot.’
(Porridge comes out and spreads all over. This can be mimed.)
Daisy: How wonderful, but how do I stop the porridge flowing?
Porridge Pot: Just say, ‘Stop, pot! Stop, pot!’
Daisy: Stop, pot! Stop, pot! (Daisy brings the pot home and shows her mother and they both eat until they are full.)
Mother: This is wonderful. We should make some for the neighbours.
Daisy: Oh no, we should keep this as our own secret.
Storyteller 1: One day, the little girl went out playing with her friend Maisy.
Maisy: Let’s go into the forest and play hide-and-seek. (Maisy and Daisy skip off stage.)
Storyteller 2: Her mother was feeling hungry and she got the porridge pot to boil.
Mother: Boil, pot! Boil, pot! (Mother eats her porridge but she wants it to stop.)
Mother: I am full now so halt, pot! Halt, pot!
Storyteller 1: The porridge pot kept boiling.
Storyteller 2: There was porridge all over the place. (Mother jumps up on a chair.)
Mother: Don’t, pot! Don’t, pot!
Storyteller 1: The porridge spread everywhere.
Mother: Please, pot! Please, pot!
Villager 1: What is going on here?
Villager 2: The streets are paved with porridge.
Villager 3: Come, everyone, let’s fill ourselves up with porridge.
Villager 4: This is delicious. Yummy! (The villagers start swimming through the porridge.)
Villager 1: There is a porridge flood!
Villager 2: Help us!
Villager 3: We are drowning!
Villager 4: In porridge!
Mother: Oh dear, no, pot! No, pot! (Daisy returns with Maisy. She looks confused and shocked.)
Daisy: (Shouts) Stop, pot! Stop, pot!
(Porridge pot stops boiling porridge.)

Storyteller 1: The villagers had porridge for the rest of the winter.
Storyteller 2: They weren’t hungry. (Everybody is eating porridge and the porridge pot looks happy.)
Storyteller 1: In the spring, the old woman came back from her travels.
Storyteller 2: She asked for her pot back.
Old Woman: Thanks for taking care of my magic porridge pot.
Daisy: I didn’t take care of it. It took care of us.

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