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One Minute Mimes – Solo Mimes for Children

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1. The Invisible Wall (1 minute)

    • Step 1: Stand in place and act as if you’ve encountered an invisible wall.
    • Step 2: Touch the wall with your hands, showing surprise.
    • Step 3: Push against the wall with your palms.
    • Step 4: Lean against the wall and try to peek over it.
    • Step 5: Show frustration as if you can’t get past it.
  1. Walking Against the Wind (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Start walking in place.
    • Step 2: Gradually slow down and act like you’re pushing against a strong wind.
    • Step 3: Lean forward, struggling to make progress.
    • Step 4: Take small, exaggerated steps to depict the effort.
    • Step 5: Finally, stop and show relief as the wind subsides.
  2. Eating an Imaginary Meal (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Set an imaginary table with plates, utensils, and food.
    • Step 2: Sit down and enthusiastically mime eating, using exaggerated facial expressions.
    • Step 3: Act as if you spill something and clean it up.
    • Step 4: Finish the meal and show satisfaction.
    • Step 5: Clear the table and leave with a contented look.
  3. Fishing (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Cast an imaginary fishing rod into an imaginary body of water.
    • Step 2: Wait patiently with anticipation.
    • Step 3: Suddenly feel a big catch on the line.
    • Step 4: Reel it in with enthusiasm.
    • Step 5: Show off your “big fish” with pride.
  4. Ballooning (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Inflate an imaginary balloon, holding it above your head.
    • Step 2: Tie the balloon’s string with care.
    • Step 3: Release the balloon and watch it float away.
    • Step 4: Wave goodbye to the balloon.
    • Step 5: Pretend to see it disappear in the distance.
  5. Mime a Robot (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Begin with stiff, mechanical movements.
    • Step 2: Move your arms and legs in a robotic, jerky fashion.
    • Step 3: Make robotic sounds with your mouth, like beeps and whirs.
    • Step 4: Slowly start to “malfunction” with funny, exaggerated glitches.
    • Step 5: Freeze in a final pose, as if you’ve powered down.
  6. Boxing (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Assume a boxing stance with your fists up.
    • Step 2: Shadowbox, throwing punches and dodging.
    • Step 3: React to imaginary hits with exaggerated movements.
    • Step 4: Finish with a knockout punch and a triumphant pose.
    • Step 5: Take a bow as if you’ve won the match.
  7. Walking on a Tightrope (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Mime setting up an imaginary tightrope in front of you.
    • Step 2: Step onto the tightrope and balance carefully.
    • Step 3: Take slow, exaggerated steps to maintain balance.
    • Step 4: Act as if you almost fall but regain balance.
    • Step 5: Successfully reach the end and celebrate.
  8. Trapped in a Box (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Mime the creation of a small, invisible box around you.
    • Step 2: Act like you’re trying to push the walls apart.
    • Step 3: Show frustration and desperation.
    • Step 4: Find a way to escape, pushing the “walls” open.
    • Step 5: Step out of the box and breathe a sigh of relief.
  9. Becoming a Statue (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Strike a dramatic pose and freeze completely.
    • Step 2: Hold the pose for several seconds.
    • Step 3: Slowly “unfreeze” and come to life with fluid movements.
    • Step 4: Move gracefully and expressively.
    • Step 5: Conclude by striking another pose and freezing again.


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