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2 Minutes Mimes – Solo Mimes for children

Fun and simple two minute mimes.

If you would like one minute mimes, click here.

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  1. The Invisible Playground (2 minutes)
    • Step 1: Act as if you’ve entered an imaginary playground with excitement.
    • Step 2: Swing on an imaginary swing, using exaggerated pumping motions.
    • Step 3: Slide down an imaginary slide with enthusiasm.
    • Step 4: Pretend to play on a see-saw, mimicking the up-and-down motion.
    • Step 5: Finally, act tired and sit down on an invisible bench to rest.
  2. Exploring the Jungle (2 minutes)
    • Step 1: Begin by miming walking through a dense jungle.
    • Step 2: Show curiosity as you examine imaginary plants and animals.
    • Step 3: Encounter a pretend snake and react with surprise.
    • Step 4: Pretend to cross a wobbly vine bridge with caution.
    • Step 5: Celebrate safely reaching the other side.
  3. Baking a Cake (2 minutes)
    • Step 1: Set up an imaginary kitchen with utensils, bowls, and ingredients.
    • Step 2: Act as if you’re measuring and pouring ingredients into a bowl.
    • Step 3: Mix the ingredients vigorously, making a mess with exaggerated gestures.
    • Step 4: “Bake” the cake in an imaginary oven, checking it carefully.
    • Step 5: Finally, mime decorating the cake and taking a big, pretend bite.
  4. A Day at the Beach (2 minutes)
    • Step 1: Start by miming spreading out a beach towel on the sand.
    • Step 2: Act as if you’re applying sunscreen with care.
    • Step 3: Build an imaginary sandcastle with detailed shaping and sculpting.
    • Step 4: Pretend to swim in the ocean, showing splashing and floating.
    • Step 5: Relax on your towel, sunbathing, and enjoying the beach.
  5. Going on a Space Adventure (2 minutes)
    • Step 1: Begin by donning an imaginary space suit.
    • Step 2: Act as if you’re boarding an imaginary spaceship with excitement.
    • Step 3: Experience zero gravity with slow, floating movements.
    • Step 4: Encounter an imaginary alien and react with surprise.
    • Step 5: Return to your spaceship and “blast off” back to Earth.
  6. Playing Detective (2 minutes)
    • Step 1: Pretend to put on a detective’s hat and magnifying glass.
    • Step 2: Investigate an imaginary crime scene, looking for clues.
    • Step 3: Examine “evidence” with curiosity, magnifying your gestures.
    • Step 4: Solve the mystery and do a triumphant detective dance.
    • Step 5: Present your findings to an imaginary audience.
  7. Becoming a Scarecrow (2 minutes)
    • Step 1: Start by standing still in a field, like a scarecrow.
    • Step 2: Slowly come to life with creaking, mechanical movements.
    • Step 3: Shoo away imaginary birds with exaggerated gestures.
    • Step 4: Freeze back into your scarecrow pose with a satisfied look.
    • Step 5: Repeat the process as if you’re guarding the field.
  8. Pirate Treasure Hunt (2 minutes)
    • Step 1: Pretend to sail a pirate ship with dramatic steering actions.
    • Step 2: Land on an imaginary island and pull out a treasure map.
    • Step 3: Follow the map with excitement, encountering obstacles.
    • Step 4: Dig up an imaginary treasure chest with exaggerated digging.
    • Step 5: Celebrate your pirate victory with joyous gestures.
  9. Robot Repair (2 minutes)
    • Step 1: Mime the creation of an imaginary malfunctioning robot.
    • Step 2: Act like a robot repair technician with precise, mechanical movements.
    • Step 3: Diagnose the robot’s issues and make exaggerated repairs.
    • Step 4: Show relief and satisfaction as the robot “works” again.
    • Step 5: Give the robot a high-five and a job well done.
  10. Underwater Adventure (2 minutes)
    1. Step 1: Begin by diving into an imaginary underwater world.
    2. Step 2: Swim gracefully with fluid, underwater movements.
    3. Step 3: Encounter colorful imaginary sea creatures and react with wonder.
    4. Step 4: Pretend to find a hidden treasure chest on the ocean floor.
    5. Step 5: Return to the surface, mimicking the ascent and take a deep breath.

For one minute solo mimes, click here.

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One Minute Mimes – Solo Mimes for Children

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If you want two minute mimes click here.

1. The Invisible Wall (1 minute)

    • Step 1: Stand in place and act as if you’ve encountered an invisible wall.
    • Step 2: Touch the wall with your hands, showing surprise.
    • Step 3: Push against the wall with your palms.
    • Step 4: Lean against the wall and try to peek over it.
    • Step 5: Show frustration as if you can’t get past it.
  1. Walking Against the Wind (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Start walking in place.
    • Step 2: Gradually slow down and act like you’re pushing against a strong wind.
    • Step 3: Lean forward, struggling to make progress.
    • Step 4: Take small, exaggerated steps to depict the effort.
    • Step 5: Finally, stop and show relief as the wind subsides.
  2. Eating an Imaginary Meal (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Set an imaginary table with plates, utensils, and food.
    • Step 2: Sit down and enthusiastically mime eating, using exaggerated facial expressions.
    • Step 3: Act as if you spill something and clean it up.
    • Step 4: Finish the meal and show satisfaction.
    • Step 5: Clear the table and leave with a contented look.
  3. Fishing (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Cast an imaginary fishing rod into an imaginary body of water.
    • Step 2: Wait patiently with anticipation.
    • Step 3: Suddenly feel a big catch on the line.
    • Step 4: Reel it in with enthusiasm.
    • Step 5: Show off your “big fish” with pride.
  4. Ballooning (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Inflate an imaginary balloon, holding it above your head.
    • Step 2: Tie the balloon’s string with care.
    • Step 3: Release the balloon and watch it float away.
    • Step 4: Wave goodbye to the balloon.
    • Step 5: Pretend to see it disappear in the distance.
  5. Mime a Robot (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Begin with stiff, mechanical movements.
    • Step 2: Move your arms and legs in a robotic, jerky fashion.
    • Step 3: Make robotic sounds with your mouth, like beeps and whirs.
    • Step 4: Slowly start to “malfunction” with funny, exaggerated glitches.
    • Step 5: Freeze in a final pose, as if you’ve powered down.
  6. Boxing (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Assume a boxing stance with your fists up.
    • Step 2: Shadowbox, throwing punches and dodging.
    • Step 3: React to imaginary hits with exaggerated movements.
    • Step 4: Finish with a knockout punch and a triumphant pose.
    • Step 5: Take a bow as if you’ve won the match.
  7. Walking on a Tightrope (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Mime setting up an imaginary tightrope in front of you.
    • Step 2: Step onto the tightrope and balance carefully.
    • Step 3: Take slow, exaggerated steps to maintain balance.
    • Step 4: Act as if you almost fall but regain balance.
    • Step 5: Successfully reach the end and celebrate.
  8. Trapped in a Box (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Mime the creation of a small, invisible box around you.
    • Step 2: Act like you’re trying to push the walls apart.
    • Step 3: Show frustration and desperation.
    • Step 4: Find a way to escape, pushing the “walls” open.
    • Step 5: Step out of the box and breathe a sigh of relief.
  9. Becoming a Statue (1 minute)
    • Step 1: Strike a dramatic pose and freeze completely.
    • Step 2: Hold the pose for several seconds.
    • Step 3: Slowly “unfreeze” and come to life with fluid movements.
    • Step 4: Move gracefully and expressively.
    • Step 5: Conclude by striking another pose and freezing again.
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Solo Mimes

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The following are the outline of three solo mimes.

The Magician

A magician enters , bows and then takes off his cape and hat – he puts them to one side.

He slowly and carefully takes off his gloves, – throws the gloves up in the air – they change into a bunch of flowers – he smells them, shows them to the audience and then hands them to his assistant.

He pulls a long handkerchief from his breast pocket – he shows this handkerchief both sides, bunches it up and then produces a dove from it. He strokes the dove – lets it fly away and then it lands on his hand again. He gives the dove to his assistant.

At the back of the stage there is a large box. The magician walks back to it and then pushes it forwards. He swings it round, opens the front door and then gestures to his lady assistant who gets into the box, and closes the door.

The magician produces a sharp word-he brandishes the sword and then sticks it through the box. More and more swords are put through the box – perhaps he saws the box in half as well.

He pulls the sword out – opens the door. The lady walks out and the magician takes his bow. (Or the lady could collapse down to the floor – the magician shrugs and goes off).


The Driving Lesson

(There are two chairs to represent the two front seats in the car)

A lady gets into the car for her first driving lesson.

She gets into the passenger seat by mistake.

After some maneuvering she climbs in to the driving seat.

She tests all the controls – when she sees the rear view mirror she checks her appearance and starts to tidy her hair – then remembers the driving lesson.

She tries to get hold of the gear lever, but gets hold of the instructor’s knee by mistake.

She gets embarrassed. At last the car starts but it goes backwards.

Suddenly it stops. It starts again but this time it jerks forwards.

It begins to start speeding.

The lady takes her hand from the steering wheel to shield her yes.

The car crashes.

The lady opens her eyes. She is unhurt – so she gets out of the car, dusts herself down and walks off cheerfully as if nothing happened.

Stuck up

You carry a heavy parcel.

You take a large sheet of brown paper and wrap it around the parcel.

You try to keep the paper the parcel as you reach for a roll of sticky tape.

You get your sticky tape stuck to your fingers and your clothes,

As soon as pull it off one part gets stuck to another part – it gets stuck everywhere but on your parcel.

You get more and more stuck up until finally your knees are stuck, and your arms are stuck, every part of you is stuck and you hobble off.

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