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The Sun and the North Wind – A Play for Young Children


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Characters: Three storytellers, rain, fog, snow, mist, cloud, man.

Storyteller 1: One day all the different types of weather were up in the sky.

(All the weathers are moving and interacting with one another on the stage, then the wind enters.)

Storyteller 2: The wind started to boast to all the other types of weather that he was by far the most powerful of all weathers.

Wind: I’m the strongest weather here and everyone knows it.

Rain: Wind, you are always boasting how strong and powerful you are.

Snow: It is all we ever hear from you.

Fog: Why don’t you just prove it once and for all?

Mist: I know – let’s have a contest to see who the most powerful weather is.

Wind: I will take any of you on and blow any of you away.

Cloud: Do you see that man wearing a coat over there?

(Man walks on stage.)

All: Yes.

Cloud: Whoever can make him part with his coat is the most powerful. (All the weathers look unsure except for the wind).

Storyteller 3: All the weathers seemed unsure that they could beat the wind.

Storyteller 1: The wind was confident he had won even before the contest even started.

Storyteller 2: Then the sun said…

Sun: I will beat all of you in this contest. I will make the man part with his coat.

Wind: (shakes the sun’s hand) let’s settle this once and for all.

Storyteller 3: The wind took a long deep breath.

Storyteller 1: He blew and blew…

Storyteller 2: …and blew and blew.

Storyteller 3: But the more he blew, the more the man held on to his coat.

Man: Suddenly the wind has got very strong. I must hold on to my coat really tight.

Storyteller 1: No matter how hard the wind blew, he couldn’t make the man part with his coat.

Wind: I give up.

Sun: My turn. Everyone watch and learn.

Storyteller 2: The sun started to shine. The sun got hotter and hotter.

Man: What a lovely sunny day it has become. I will take off my coat and sit under that tree over there and get some shade. (He takes off his coat and sits on it under the tree and enjoys the sun.)

Storyteller 3: The sun continued to shine.

Sun: I’m the winner. I’m the most powerful weather.

All: Hooray!

(Wind walks off in a huff)

Sun: Gentle persuasion always works best!


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