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Occupational Mime

How do we represent occupational mime correctly?

To present a correct representation of the occupation. In order to do occupational mime correctly we need to convey

  • The size of the objects
  • The weight of the objects
  • The shape of the objects
  • The resistance of the objects
  • How we use the objects.

How do we achieve all of the above?

  • We must imagine the action, weight, shape ans feel of an object.
  • We must observe the people around us carefully. Watch how they move and recreate how they do it.
  • We must be aware of our bodies and how they move.

Occupational Mime Exercises:

  • Lift a real chair then recreate the size, weight, shape and resistance as you lift an imaginary chair.
  • Move the real chair, then move the imaginary chair.
  • Handle different materials (rough, smooth, silk). This will help with recreate textures in mime.
  • Lift a real box then lift an imaginary box. Lift the imaginary box and put it down and lift it from the same place. Let it have the same size, weigh and resistance.
  • Lift a real glass. Lift an imaginary glass and put it down and lift it from the same place. Let it have the same size, weigh and resistance.
  • Open the lid of a box. Open an imaginary box. What’s the angle of the lid. How does it open?

When you are  performing mime you must have clear and slow movements.

Things to try:

  • Open a door
  • Enter a room
  • Turn around and close the door.
  • Go pass a table
  • There is a box on a shelf. Take it off.
  • Put it on the table
  • Open it the box and take out a telescope
  • Extend the telescope
  • Put it to your eye
  • Put it down
  • Put it in the box (same place as before.)
  • Lift the box back on the shelf.

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