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The Story of the Easter Bunny – A Children’s Play for Easter

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Storyteller, King Magician, Magic Hen, Ordinary Hen, Rabbit, Robber 1, Robber 2, Footman.

Storyteller: Once upon a time, there lived a king who loved magic. One day he was bored and decided to call his court magician to come and help him.

King:  Magician, I’m bored; entertain me with your magic tricks.

Magician: Of course, your majesty. (The magician does some routine magic tricks. The king sits on his throne, looking very bored.)

King: I’ve seen all these tricks before. Do you have any new ones?

Magician: Let me see, I’ve got a hen who can lay eggs on demand.

King: Oh, how wonderful. Show me.

Magician: Here you go. The hen laid an Egg. (He put the hen in front of the king.)

Hen: Cluck, cluck, he lays an egg.

Storyteller: The king was delighted with the hen, but he got bored again after a while.

King: Magicians, I want the hen to lay golden eggs.

Magician: Of course. (He uses his magic wand and puts a spell on the hen.)

King: Hen lay a golden egg.

Hen: Cluck, Cluck. (The hen laid a golden egg.)

Storyteller: The king was delighted and became very rich. (Enter two robbers, they watch in secret as the hen lays golden egg after golden egg.)

Robber 1: Look at that magic hen.

Robber 2: Is she really laying golden eggs?

Robber 1: Yes, we should steal her, and we will be rich forever.

Robber 2: Let’s sneak into the castle tonight and steal the hen.

Storyteller: The robbers didn’t know the king overhead the robber’s plot to kidnap his precious hen.

King: Magician: Take the magic hen and hide him. I will show those robbers they can’t get the better of me. I’ll replace the magic hen with an ordinary hen. (King walks off stage and leaves the Magician with the Hen.)

Magician: How will I hide you from the robbers. I know I will change you into a rabbit. So they will never find you.

Storyteller: That night at midnight when everyone was asleep. The robbers crept into the palace.

Robber 1: Ssssshhhhhhhhhhh. Be quiet.

Robber 2: There he is.

Robber 1: I got him. (He grabs the hen.)

Robber 2: Let’s get out of here. (They run off stage with the hen.)

Hen: Cluck, cluck.

Storyteller: The next day…

King: The robbers must have taken the hen last night. I fooled them. What is this Rabbit doing here? Little Rabbit, how did you get here? Footman, please take this Rabbit back to the woods and call the magician. I want my magic hen back.

Footman: Yes, your majesty. (The footman takes the Rabbit off stage enters the magician.)

Magician: You summoned me, your majesty. How may I be of service to you? (He bows before the king.)

King: Where is my magic hen?

Magician: I brought her back this morning. I left her in the cage.

King: No, you didn’t. The only thing in the cage this morning was a little white rabbit. I gave it to the footman to take back to the woods.

Magician: Oh dear.

King: What’s the matter?

Magician: I changed the hen into a rabbit to keep her safe, but I didn’t have time this morning to change her back into a hen.

King: We must go to the woods and find her.

Storyteller: They spent days and nights looking for the little white Rabbit in the woods, but they never found her. Every Easter Sunday, children worldwide receive colorful chocolate eggs from that day to this. Every once in and while, someone finds a golden egg.


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