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The Lion and the Clever Rabbit – A Simple Play for Children.


Characters: Three narrators, the rabbit, the lion, deer, elephant

Narrator 1: Once upon a time in a jungle in India.

Narrator 2: There lived a lion. He was very powerful and very cruel.

Narrator 3: He hunted and killed a lot of animals in the jungle. Sometimes he just hunted and killed for fun.

Rabbit: We have to stop this unnecessary killing.

Elephant: How can we stop the lion? He is too powerful.

Deer: Why don’t we have a meeting with the lion?

Fox: And see if we can reach an agreement.

Narrator 1: So all the animals in the jungle gathered together and invited the lion to the meeting.

Lion: What do you want?

Rabbit: Your majesty we are happy for you to be the King of the Jungle.

Deer: We are happy for you to rule the jungle,

Elephant: We understand that you need to kill us for food.

Lion: Why, that is most kind and understanding of you.

Rabbit: But you are killing animals for fun and not when you are hungry. And if you don’t stop there won’t be any animals left in jungle.

Lion: Well, what do you suggest?

Rabbit: We decided that we will send you an animal a day to your den. You can kill and eat it. You won’t have to go to the bother of hunting.

Lion: Well, that sounds like a good idea.

Narrator 3: The day arrived where it was the rabbits turn to go to the lion’s den.

Rabbit: I don’t want to go.

Other animals: You have to go if you don’t go he will kill the other animals. It was your idea.

Rabbit: I better go then.

Lion: Why are you late?

Rabbit: (out of breath) Your majesty it was not my fault. Another lion chased me no wanted to eat me. He said he was king of the jungle.

Lion: I’m the only King of the Jungle. Who is he? Take me to him at once. I shall kill him.

Rabbit: Come with me. I will show you where he lives.

Narrator 1: The lion followed the rabbit through the jungle.

Narrator 2: They reached a well.

Rabbit: He lives here.

Narrator 3.The rabbit roared and looked into the well. He saw his own reflection looking back at him.

Lion: I see him.

Rabbit: There can only be one King of the jungle. You must kill him.

Narrator 1: The lion jumped into the well and was taken away.
(The rabbit went off and told his friends what had happened.)
(They all had a big party to celebrate.)

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