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Monologues for Children – Girls

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Cinderella: (Cinderella is walking around the room, dusting the furniture.) Cinderella: I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’ll never get all this dusting and polishing done before they come home from the ball. I wonder if I could ask some of my animal friends to help me. But they have all gone to sleep for the night. (Softly) Puss… puss… puss…. Wake up and help me and I’ll give you a nice saucer of milk. Oh dear, he’s too sleepy. I wonder if they are all having a nice time at the ball. (Sits down) I wish I was there. I’ll just sit down for a moment and imagine I am there too. (Falls asleep)

Sleeping Beauty: (Picks up letters from the ground, looks at them and throws them back down again.) Bad Fairy: Bills! Bills! Bills! No invitation here for me. The king and queen must have forgotten all about me. How could they do such a thing? I bet all the other fairies have their invitation to the princess’s Christening. But they are all goody-two shoes. (In a funny voice) “Yes King! No King! Three bags full King! Oh please invite us to your daughter’s Christening King.” I will get them back for this. How dare they! How very dare they? (Softly) I wonder … mmmmmmmmm … I know what I will do. Since all the other fairies will give her gifts. I will too. Now where is my book of magic? (Gets her book and opens the page.) Oh yes, here it is! I wish … I wish … that on her 21st birthday the princess will prick her finger and die. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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