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Esl Drama Game

Emotions emoticons

Game: Emotional Orchestra
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Practice area: Feeling/emotions vocabulary
Minimum number of participants: 2
Resources needed: Pieces of paper with emotions on it.
Instructions: Each student in the group chooses a piece of paper with an emotion on it. You may need to pre teach some of the vocabulary but make sure that everyone understands their emotion. Go around the group and ask each student to make a movement and a sound that is connected to their chosen emotion. When everyone has done that explain that the teacher is going to be a conductor and when he/she counts to three he/she will conduct an emotional orchestra. Teacher counts to three and everyone makes their movement and their sound together. If the conductor raises their hands the volume must go and if the conductor puts their hands near their chest then it should be a medium volume and if the hands are by the waist it should be low and quiet. The purpose of this exercise is practice emotion and vocabulary and to get the students to use their imagination and creativity.
This activity can be used to practice other vocabulary
Jungle Symphony – (Jungle symphony)
Kitchen Symphony – (Kitchen utensils)
Transport Symphony – (Types of transport)