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Five Fun Christmas Drama Games for Children


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Christmas Movement Story

Christmas Drama Games

Christmas Drama Workshop

Jingle Bells and Drama Spells: 40 Christmas Drama Games, 8 Christmas Interactive  Stories  and 7 Christmas Plays 

1. “Santa’s Workshop”

Objective: Enhance imaginative play and teamwork.


  • Divide the children into groups.
  • Assign each group a section of Santa’s workshop (e.g., Toy Making, Gift Wrapping, Sleigh Loading).
  • Each group must create a short skit where they act out the activities in their assigned section.
  • Encourage them to use props and create dialogues related to their tasks.
  • After practicing, each group will present their skit to everyone.


  • Ensure that each child has a role to play in the skit.
  • Encourage them to create a problem-solving scenario within their skit (e.g., running out of wrapping paper).
  • Suggestions for “Santa’s Workshop” in the Drama Game

    1. Toy Making Section
      • Roles: Toy makers, quality checkers, designers
      • Activities: Crafting toys, painting them, checking for quality, designing new toys
      • Potential Problem Scenario: Running out of materials or discovering a faulty toy design
    2. Gift Wrapping Section
      • Roles: Gift wrappers, ribbon tiers, label writers
      • Activities: Wrapping gifts, tying ribbons, writing labels, organizing wrapped gifts
      • Potential Problem Scenario: Mislabeling a gift or running out of wrapping paper
    3. Sleigh Loading Section
      • Roles: Sleigh loaders, gift checkers, sleigh decorators
      • Activities: Loading gifts onto the sleigh, checking gift lists, decorating the sleigh
      • Potential Problem Scenario: A gift is missing or the sleigh is not decorated
    4. Reindeer Care Section
      • Roles: Reindeer feeders, trainers, groomers
      • Activities: Feeding reindeer, training them for the flight, grooming their fur
      • Potential Problem Scenario: A reindeer is unwell or refuses to train
    5. Santa’s Suit Preparation Section
      • Roles: Suit makers, suit cleaners, accessory managers
      • Activities: Sewing Santa’s suit, cleaning it, managing accessories like the belt, hat, and glasses
      • Potential Problem Scenario: A tear in Santa’s suit or lost accessories
    6. Elf Training Section
      • Roles: Elf trainers, new elves, training evaluators
      • Activities: Training new elves, participating in training, evaluating training effectiveness
      • Potential Problem Scenario: An elf struggles with training or training materials are lost
    7. Communication and Letters Section
      • Roles: Letter readers, gift list makers, communication elves
      • Activities: Reading letters from children, making gift lists, communicating between sections
      • Potential Problem Scenario: A letter is lost or a gift is not listed

2. “Christmas Charades”

Objective: Develop non-verbal communication and guessing skills.


  • Prepare slips of paper with Christmas-related actions or characters (e.g., decorating a tree, Rudolph).
  • Divide the children into two teams.
  • One member from a team picks a slip and acts it out without speaking, while their team guesses.
  • Set a time limit for guessing. If the team guesses correctly within the time, they earn a point.
  • Alternate between teams and tally the points to declare a winner.
  • Charades List for “Christmas Charades”

    1. Decorating the Christmas tree
    2. Wrapping a gift
    3. Baking Christmas cookies
    4. Singing Christmas carols
    5. Building a snowman
    6. Riding a sleigh
    7. Being Santa Claus
    8. Hanging stockings
    9. Lighting a Christmas candle
    10. Making a snow angel
    11. Cooking Christmas dinner
    12. Opening a gift
    13. Being a reindeer
    14. Sliding down the chimney
    15. Stringing Christmas lights
    16. Ice skating
    17. Being an elf
    18. Setting up a nativity scene
    19. Mailing a letter to Santa
    20. Creating a gingerbread house


  • Ensure actions/characters are age-appropriate and easy to act out.

3. “The Christmas Story Relay”

Objective: Enhance storytelling and memory skills.


  • Begin a Christmas story with a sentence (e.g., “Once upon a time in the North Pole…”).
  • The first child adds a sentence to continue the story.
  • The next child repeats the previous sentences and adds their own.
  • Continue the relay, making the story grow, ensuring each child gets a turn.
  • If a child forgets a part, they are “out,” and the game continues until one player remains.


  • Keep the story lighthearted and encourage creative additions.

4. “Elf Express”

Objective: Boost physical activity and coordination.


  • Set up a “delivery” course with obstacles using cones, chairs, or other safe items.
  • Children take turns being an “elf” who must navigate through the course carrying a “gift” (a small box or bag).
  • Time each child. The one who completes the course in the shortest time without dropping the gift wins.


  • Ensure the course is safe and age-appropriate.
  • Cheer each child as they navigate through the course.

5. “Christmas Costume Parade”

Objective: Encourage creativity and self-expression.


  • Provide materials like fabric, hats, and accessories for children to create their own Christmas costumes.
  • Allow them time to create their outfits and prepare a short introduction of their character.
  • Organize a parade where each child showcases their costume and introduces their character to everyone.


  • Ensure materials are safe and non-toxic.
  • Celebrate each costume and character with applause and positive feedback.


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