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Saint Brigid and the Magic Cloak ~ A play-script for children for St. Brigid’s Day


  • Saint Brigid
  • A poor family (Mother, Father, and two Children)
  • A King

Act 1:

(Scene opens with Saint Brigid walking on a dirt road. She stops in front of a small, rundown house and knocks on the door. A poor family answers)

Saint Brigid: Good morning, my name is Saint Brigid. I have heard that you are in need of help.

Mother: (wiping tears) Yes, we are. Our crops have failed, and we have nothing to feed our children.

Father: We are in desperate need of food and clothing.

Saint Brigid: I understand. I have a gift for you. (She pulls out a cloak from her bag) This is a magic cloak. It will never run out of food or clothing for as long as you need it.

Mother: (in disbelief) A magic cloak?

Saint Brigid: Yes, it is a gift from God. All you have to do is spread it out on the ground and it will be filled with food and clothing.

(The family takes the cloak and spreads it out on the ground. Suddenly, it is filled with bread, fruits, vegetables, and clothes)

Children: (excitedly) Thank you, Saint Brigid!

Saint Brigid: You’re welcome, my children. Remember, this cloak is a gift from God. Use it wisely and always be thankful.

(Saint Brigid leaves)

Act 2:

(Scene opens with Saint Brigid walking on a dirt road. She meets the King who is riding on a horse)

King: Halt! Who are you and where are you going?

Saint Brigid: I am Saint Brigid, and I am on a mission to help the poor and needy.

King: I have heard of your magic cloak. I want it for myself.

Saint Brigid: I’m sorry, but the cloak is not for sale. It is a gift from God for the poor and needy.

King: I am the King, and I demand that you give me the cloak!

Saint Brigid: I will not give you the cloak. It is not mine to give. It belongs to those in need.

King: Then you shall be punished for your disobedience!

Saint Brigid: I will not be punished for following God’s will. You may do as you wish, but I will continue to help those in need with the magic cloak.

(The King, realizing the Saint’s unwavering faith, and the generosity of her actions, changed his mind)

King: You are right, I apologize. Keep the cloak and continue your work, I will make sure to help the poor as well.

Saint Brigid: Thank you, your Highness. May God bless you.

(King rides away, and Saint Brigid continues her journey to help others)

The end.




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