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Scene 1:

*Curtains open with Snow White on one side of the stage, sitting down reading a book and the Queen on the other side of the stage looking at Snow White angrily*

Narrator: Hello boys and girls. Welcome to our play. Do you all know the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? That’s our story tonight but we’ve made a few little changes. We hope you enjoy it!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away; there lived a beautiful young Princess. She had hair as dark as night and skin as white as snow and so she was called Snow White. She was kind and gentle and people would stop and stare at her beauty. Snow White lived in a beautiful castle with her father, the King. One day, her father remarried. Although the new Queen was very beautiful; she was cruel and unkind and she did not like Snow White because Snow White so beautiful and the new Queen became very jealous.

*Snow White Skips off the stage and the Queen stays on stage. The Mirror is carried on*

Queen: Aw, at last my mirror has arrived (admires herself in the mirror). Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Mirror: My dear Queen, you are indeed very beautiful but it is Snow White who is the fairest of them of all.

Queen: (outraged) What? This cannot be. I shall have her killed and then I will be the fairest in the land……. Huntsman come here at once.

Huntsman: (stammers!) Y-y-yes, Your Majesty?

Queen: I order you to take Snow White into the woods at once and kill her. Now go!! Get out of my sight!

*The Queen walks off stage stamping her feet angrily and the Woodsman stands to the front of the stage*

Huntsman: (to audience) What shall I do? I don’t want to kill Snow White. She is so good and kind. But the Queen will be so angry if I do not do what she says. Oh no!

*The Huntsman walks off the stage sadly*

*The background changes to a woods scene and Snow White and the Woodsman enter onto the stage*

Snow White: (to Woodsman) Where are we going?

Woodsman: We must go into the woods. I am so very sorry, the Queen has ordered me to kill you but I cannot do it. You must run away and never return or we will both be killed. Go quickly!

*Snow White runs off the stage*

Huntsman: (To audience) What shall I do now? Lie to the Queen. Perhaps she will believe me……

*Huntsman runs off stage and background changes to castle again*

Narrator: The Woodsman returned to the Castle and told the Queen that he had killed Snow White.

Huntsman: Snow White is dead Your Majesty.

Queen: Very good, very good Snow White is gone. Now go! (Looking into the Mirror) Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

*Huntsman runs off stage*

Mirror: My dear Queen, I must inform you that Snow White is still alive and she is the fairest of them all.

Queen: The Woodsman has lied to me. I see that if I want this done, I shall have to do it myself………… I shall find Snow White and kill her myself (Evil laugh!)

Scene 2:

*Curtains open with woods as the background*

Narrator: Meanwhile, Snow White was lost and alone in the woods and she could not return to the castle. She sat down on the ground and began to cry.

*Little Red Riding Hood comes skipping onto the stage*

Snow White: Who are you?

Red Riding Hood: I’m Little Red Riding Hood, of course. I’m on my way to Grandma’s house. I must hurry before that nasty Wolf comes along. You had better hurry along too before it gets dark. Goodbye. Hope I see you again soon…….

Snow White: (waves) Bye!

*Red Riding Hood Skips off the stage and the Wolf comes along*

Wolf: Hello. Have you seen a little girl wearing a red hood?

Snow White: Oh hello. (To audience) Should I tell him where she went? (Wait for answer) No, sorry I haven’t seen her.

Wolf: Well then, I’d better be going. I sure am hungry. Goodbye

*Wolf runs off stage*

*Curtains close while scene is changed to dwarfs house*

*Curtains open*

Narrator: Snow White carried on walking into the woods until she came to a little house. She knocked on the door (sound of knocking) but no one answered so she went inside. She found herself in a small kitchen with a little table surrounded by seven little chairs and in the bedroom she found seven little beds…….

Snow White: How very strange. I wonder who lives here. Whoever they are, they are very messy. This house is filthy. It will take me all day to get this place cleaned up, I had better get started.

*Snow White starts cleaning and song “Working 9 to 5” plays for 1 minute approx.*

Snow White: There! All done! (yawns) I’m so tired, I think I’ll just have a little nap.

*Snow White lies down on a blanket in the corner, while she is sleeping; Goldilocks walks quietly into the kitchen and sits at the table*

Narrator: As Snow White slept, a little girl with golden locks crept into the house and began to eat a bowl of porridge which had been left on the table.

Goldilocks: Mmmm, porridge!! (starts eating porridge)

*While Goldilocks is eating the porridge, the seven dwarfs arrive home (“I Ho, I Ho” plays). They are surprised to find Goldilocks in their kitchen*

Grumpy: Goldilocks!! Not again! Shoo! Out of here! Come on!

Doc: Think we need to fix the lock on that door.

Sleepy: I’m tired! (Rubbing eyes) Can I go to bed now? (Yawns)

Sneezy: Achoo!! (Wipes nose)

Dopey: Huh, what’s goin on?

Happy: Wow, look at this place! It’s so clean. Who did this?

Bashful: Hey, look! I think we have another visitor. Look at her! She’s so pretty! (Looks away shyly)

*The dwarfs surround the sleeping Snow White. She wakes up suddenly with a fright and looks around*

Snow White: Who are you?

Grumpy: You’re the one in our house. Who are you?

Snow White: I’m Snow White and I have nowhere else to go. Please can I stay here for just a little while? Please? I can be very helpful; I can clean and sew and cook and…..

Happy: You can cook? Great, you can stay! I’m famished. What’s for dinner? I’m Happy by the way.

Doc: I’m doc!

Dopey: I’m Dopey.

Bashful: I’m Bashful

Sneezy: I-I-I-I’m Sneezy, achooo!!

Sleepy: (Yawning and stretching) I’m Sleepy!

Grumpy: Hold on one second here! I don’t like this, not one bit. She’s not staying and that’s final.

Doc: Don’t mind him, that’s Grumpy!!

Dopey: I’m starving. Can we eat now, please?

*The other dwarfs ignore Grumpy’s complaints and Grumpy stands with his arms folded in a huff, while the other dwarfs sit at the table*

Snow White: There you go! Eat up! (Serves each dwarf some food)

Doc: Mmmmm, delicious!

*Grumpy smells the food and slowly walks over and sits down at the table, still looking angry and starts eating*

Narrator: So Snow White stayed with the dwarfs who were very happy to have a girl around at last, even Grumpy didn’t mind so much once he tasted Snow White’s cooking. They were all very happy living together. The dwarfs soon began to care very much for Snow White. The dwarfs went off to work each morning and Snow White took very good care of their little house.

Scene 3:

*Curtains open with Snow White sitting at the kitchen table with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood.

Snow White: I’m so glad you could all come for tea. Red Riding Hood, would you like another biscuit? Cinderella?

Sleeping Beauty: Could I have some more coffee please? I’m feeling awfully sleepy.

Snow White: Of course, Sleeping Beauty. Would you like some more milk, Goldilocks?

*Snow White pours some coffee and milk*

Cinderella: (sighs) I just don’t know how you do it. Cleaning up after seven men, every single day? After years of cleaning up for that wicked step-mother and those two ugly step-sisters, I never want to see another broom for the rest of my life.

Snow White: It’s not so bad. I don’t exactly have a queue of charming princes knocking down my door. You are so lucky to have met the man of your dreams. It’s not easy being single.

*All the girls dance to “Single Ladies”*

Cinderella: You will meet the man of your dreams one day, Snow White. Well, we had better get going. Before Sleeping Beauty here; falls asleep at your table. Bye!

Snow White: Bye, see you soon!

*Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella walk off stage and Snow White goes back her cleaning. Then there’s a knock at the door*

Snow White: Oh, I wonder who that could be?

*In walks he Queen dressed as an old woman*

Snow White: Oh hello, would you like to come in?

Old woman: Hello dear! I was just walking in the woods when I saw you busy cleaning. You must be very tired after all that cleaning. Would you like one of my delicious red apples? They are really very delicious!

Snow White: Oh they do look very delicious and I am a little peckish. Oh dear, I’m not sure if I should. My father always told me to never take food from a stranger! Then again, he also told me to get married before I moved in with a man and here I am living with seven men! (To audience) What should I do? Should I take the apple?

Old Woman: Go on dear, it’s only an apple!! (Laughs to herself)

Snow White: Alright then. Maybe just one little bite. It can’t hurt.

*Snow White takes a bite and collapses to the ground. The Old Woman throws off her disguise and laughs evilly*

Queen: Hahaha,my plan has worked, Snow White has eaten the poisonous apple and now she is gone, gone, gone; I shall be the fairest in the land at last. Hahahaha!!

*The Queen runs off the stage*

*A little while later the dwarfs walk on stage (“I Ho, I Ho” plays) and find Snow White unconscious*

Happy: Oh no, what has happened? Is she dead?

Doc: (Holding up the apple and smelling it) No she’s not dead but she has been poisoned.

Grumpy: It wasn’t me!

*The dwarfs get down on their knees and surround Snow White. They all begin to cry*

*Curtain closes*

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