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Performance skills

There are five ‘indicators’ (or skills) that you use whilst acting on stage.


1.           Movement – Soft, gentle, heavy, light, quick slow.  Hunched, upright, limping, energetic…

2.           Gesture – Signals with your hands / arms to show feelings.  You may have something your character always does, e.g. wrings their hands to show tension.

3.           Facial expressions – Wide eyed, narrow eyed, raised eyebrows, troubled (permanent frown / down-turned mouth).

4.           Eye contact – Staring, glaring, fleeting.  You may decide that your character always avoids eye contact with others to show they are uncomfortable.

5.           Voice – Pitch (high and squeaky, low and soft etc.).  Volume (loud / soft etc.).  You could decide that your character always shouts or whispers.  Tone (angry, pleasant, nervous).  Speech impediments like stutters or lisps can be useful if you are trying to achieve a highly nervous or comic character.




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