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Drama workshop based on Homelessness


Whole group discussion: As a whole group discuss the reasons people are homeless.


Group Work:Then in groups of four or five  choose one of the reason you all agree on and make a still image of that reason. Each group creates their still image for the other groups who must work out their reason for homelessness.


Go back into groups and complete the following sentences

Homelessness is ……………

Homelessness feels like ……………..

Homelessness smells like ……………….

Homelessness looks like…………….

Homelessness sounds like ………………….

Homelessnes tastes like ……………………….


Each group reads out their sentences when they are finished.


Sculpting: Everyone thinks of a waord related to homelessness. They walk around the room and when they are tapped on the shoulder they call out their word and sculpt their body into a shape that they feel best represents that word and they freeze. Eventually the whole class will be in a sculpt.



The students get into groups again and each group gets a copy of the following list:







Musical Instrument

Important documents (passport, id, driving licence etc..,)








They have been evicted from their house and they have five minutes to leave. They must think of what items they would take with them. They must put the above items in order of importance. 1 is the most essential and 15 is the least important.


Group work: Each group most brainstorm all the fairytales, legends and fables that have homelessness in them. They choose one and they act out a short scene from their chosen story. The other group have to decipher what story they are representing.


Hotseatting: Each character is asked questions by the group and they have to answer them in character.


Monologue: Each student performs a monologue in character explaining why they have become homeless.









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