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A fun movement story for children based on Halloween


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The Enchanted Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Once upon a time, in the small town of Spooksville, there was a magical pumpkin patch known to come alive every Halloween night. Tonight, children, we’re going on an enchanting journey through this pumpkin patch, but we must be cautious, for it is a night filled with fun, mystery, and magical movements!

🎃 The Dancing Pumpkins

As we step into the pumpkin patch, we notice something peculiar. The pumpkins begin to wiggle and jiggle, and suddenly, they start to dance! Let’s join them! Everyone, stand up and dance like a jolly pumpkin. Swirl, twirl, and bounce around, laughing and giggling with the pumpkins. But remember, if the wind blows, we must freeze in place until it stops!

👻 The Friendly Ghost

As we continue our adventure, a friendly ghost named Gerty appears! Gerty loves to float and flutter around. Let’s be ghosts too! Drape a pretend cloak over yourself and float around the room. Swoop high and low, twirl in circles, and let out a gentle “Boo!” But, shh… be careful not to wake the sleeping bats overhead!

🦇 The Sleeping Bats

We tiptoe quietly under the sleeping bats, moving slowly and carefully so we don’t disturb them. Everyone, let’s tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe… Hold your finger to your lips and whisper, “Shh…quietly, quietly.” But wait, one bat wakes up and begins to flutter. Let’s gently flap our arms like bat wings and explore the night sky. Flap, flap, flap, and then safely land back on the ground.

🧙‍♀️ The Laughing Witch

Further into the patch, we encounter a laughing witch, stirring her cauldron. She invites us to help her make a fun potion. Let’s stir the cauldron! Stand with your feet apart, hold your imaginary stirring stick, and stir, stir, stir the bubbling potion. Don’t forget to add some magical ingredients like spider webs and candy corn, each with a grand throwing gesture!

🐱 The Playful Black Cats

Suddenly, playful black cats appear, their tails swaying side to side. Let’s be playful cats! Get down on your hands and knees, and let’s crawl around. Stretch out one paw and then the other, and don’t forget to sway your tail. Meow and purr as you explore the patch, but be ready to curl up into a tiny ball when a gentle breeze passes by.

🌕 The Glowing Full Moon

We look up and see the full moon glowing brightly. It begins to move in a mysterious pattern. Let’s be moons! Stretch your arms up high, forming a big, round shape. Now, let’s move around, creating beautiful patterns in the sky, glowing and shimmering, lighting up the pumpkin patch with our moonlight.

🍬 The Candy Rain

Suddenly, candy begins to rain from the sky, a magical treat from the Halloween spirits! Let’s catch them! Reach up high, jump, and try to catch the candies. Hop on one foot, then the other, and twirl around, trying to catch as many candies as you can. Don’t forget to share them with your new magical friends!

With hearts filled with joy and bags filled with candies, we wave goodbye to our magical friends and make our way back, promising to visit again next Halloween. And as we step out of the enchanted pumpkin patch, we find ourselves filled with delightful stories of a Halloween night spent in the company of dancing pumpkins, friendly ghosts, and playful cats.

And so, our movement story comes to an end, with sweet dreams filled with magical adventures. Goodnight, little explorers, until our next adventure!


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