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Belling the Cat – a five minute play!


Characters: (15) three storytellers, nine mice, chief mouse, clever mouse and the cat.

Storyteller 1: Once upon a time there was a cat
Storyteller 2: who lived on farm.
Storyteller 3: His favourite pastime was sleeping and chasing mice.
(Cat is lying in the middle of the stage purring and stretching. He sees some mice and he chases them).
Cat: Run, run as fast as you can. I will catch you one day. I always do.
(The cat goes over to the side of the stage and goes to sleep.)
Storyteller 1: All the mice on the farm had enough.
Storyteller 2: The chief mouse called an emergency meeting.
Storyteller 3: He wanted to stop the cat chasing and scaring all the mice.
Chief mouse: We must stop the cat. All the mice are frightened.
Mouse 1: Cut his tail off.
Mouse 2: Pull his whiskers out.
Mouse 3: I’ve a better idea lets kill him. (All the mice start nodding their heads and they start shouting).
Mice: Kill him, kill him.


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