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Solo Mimes For Children

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One  minute solo mime outlines

Two minute sole mimes outlines 
Solo mimes 

A solo mime is a complete mime scene where you create the setting, the plot, the other participants. There is always a story or a theme to a solo mine scene.

Here are some examples of solo mimes for you to practice.

Washing the dog – Solo Mime 1

Carry a heavy bath in, put it down.

Lift up a bucket of water- pour it into the bath.

Check the temperature – too hot, pour some cold water in.

Look around for your dog. There it is.

Try to coaxit into the bath.

It doesn’t want to come,so lift him up. He is very heavy.

You wash the dog all over.

You try to get hold of it but it jumps out of the bath.

It shakes itself and you shield yourself.

It runs away and you run after it.

The Flyaway Balloon – Solo Mime 2

You enter with a tray of gallons.

You select one and blow it up.

Throw it up and catch it.

You tie a string to it.

It start to fly away so you chase it..

You pull the string and it comes back.

You sit on it to prevent it flying away again.

The balloon burst.

You pick it up, looking very sad.

You walk off.

The Lion Tamer – Solo mine 3

The lion tamer walks on and bows to the audience.

He points to the lion.

He lets the lion out of his cage.

The lion jumps up on him and the lion tamer jumps back.

He picks up a round hoop.

He indicates to the audience the lion will jump through the hoop.

He commands the lion to jump through it.

The lion refuses.

He pleads with the lion.

The lion jumps over the hoop and not through it.

The lion tamer commands the lion to jump through it again.

The lion walks under the hoop.

The lion tamer is annoyed and puts his fists up to the lion.

The lion chases the lion tamer around the stage and the lion tamer runs off.

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