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An example of a therapeutic story for a 4 year old that deals with exclusion

Once upon a time, in a beautiful garden filled with all sorts of flowers, there was a little seed that desperately wanted to belong. The seed looked around and saw all the other flowers growing tall and strong, swaying in the gentle breeze, and having fun together.

But try as it might, the little seed just couldn’t seem to fit in. Every time it tried to grow, it felt like something was holding it back. The other flowers would look at it with suspicion, and sometimes even make fun of it.

One day, the little seed decided to leave the garden and go on a journey to find where it belonged. It traveled far and wide, seeing many different landscapes and meeting all sorts of plants and animals along the way. But no matter where it went, the little seed just couldn’t find a place where it felt like it belonged.

As the little seed traveled, it started to grow weary and began to feel lonely. It missed the other flowers in the garden and wished it could be back among them. It felt like it was the only seed in the world that didn’t fit in.

But then, something wonderful happened. The little seed came across a beautiful tree that had branches stretching up to the sky. The tree saw the little seed and welcomed it with open arms.

“Come and join me,” said the tree. “You may not be a flower, but you are still a valuable and important part of this world.”

The little seed was touched by the tree’s kindness and climbed up onto one of its branches. From up there, it could see the whole world, and it realized that there were all sorts of plants and animals that were different from each other, but still belonged in their own way.

The little seed learned that it didn’t have to be just like everyone else to belong. It could be unique and still have a place in the world. And from that day on, the little seed felt happier and more content than ever before. It stayed with the tree, growing tall and strong, and living a fulfilling life in its own way.

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