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A Movement Story that focuses on the movement concept of different levels (high, medium, low)

Movement Story

that focuses on the movement concept of different levels

(high, medium, low)

Once upon a time, there were three best friends: a rabbit named Rosie, a snake named Sammy, and a giraffe named Gina. They loved to explore their world and go on adventures together. One sunny day, they decided to go on a hike in the nearby mountains. (Low)

As they climbed up the steep path, Rosie hopped ahead on the rocks and pebbles, leading the way. Sammy slithered up behind, weaving through the grass and shrubs, while Gina gracefully stretched her long neck up high to look for the best route. (Low, Medium, High)

As they reached the top of the mountain, they discovered a deep and winding cave. Excited for a new adventure, they decided to explore it together. (Low, Medium)

Rosie led the way through the narrow entrance, hopping over rocks and boulders. Sammy followed close behind, his body easily sliding through tight spaces. Gina had to be careful not to hit her head on the low ceiling, but her long legs helped her step over the rocky terrain. (Low, Medium)

As they ventured deeper into the cave, they came across a steep and slippery slope. Rosie bravely hopped down first, her furry body bouncing down the incline. Sammy slithered down next, smoothly navigating the curves and twists. Gina carefully stepped down, her long legs helping her keep her balance. (Low, Medium)

Finally, they reached the end of the cave, where they discovered a hidden waterfall. The water was sparkling and clear, and the sound of it crashing down was exhilarating. Rosie couldn’t resist and hopped right into the pool below. Sammy slithered down to the water’s edge, his sleek body gliding across the rocks. Gina carefully walked down to the edge of the pool, her long neck allowing her to drink the refreshing water. (Low, Medium, High)

As they sat on the edge of the pool, enjoying the beautiful scenery, they realized that they had discovered something new about themselves. They each had their own unique way of exploring movement at different levels, and they had all brought something special to the adventure. (Low, Medium, High)

With happy hearts and tired feet, they made their way back down the mountain, already planning their next adventure together.

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