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Practice the R sound

The Letter/Sound of R

The letter-sound association is “R r” as in “red robin” or “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”
1. Play a listening game.
Which words in the sentence begin like “red robin?”

a. The rabbit ran down the road.
b. The rosebush has deep roots.
c. The rain will ruin my picnic.
d. The baby reached for the rattle.
e. Remember the rules of the game.

2. Which two words in each group begin with the “R r” sound?

row, run, dream quack, rough, river
read, throw, roar right, really, pickle
more, rose, ride raspberries, sing, ripe
rest, pilot, room rock, referee, walrus

3. Play a Word Guessing game.
All words your child guesses should begin with “R r.”
a. I see dark clouds in the sky. I think it’s going to ________. (rain)
b. A little animal with a cotton tail and long ears is called a ____. (rabbit)
c. The colors in the flag are blue, white and _______. (red)
d. A square and triangle have sharp corners, but a circle is ________. (round)

4. Rhyme Time: I will tell you about some words I am thinking of.
Each word will begin with the same sound as “radio.”

a. This is one of your hands. Its name rhymes with light. What is it? (right)
b. This is what people drive on. Its name rhymes with toad. What is it? (road)
c. This is a beautiful flower. Its name rhymes with nose. What is it? (rose)
d. This is something we eat. It rhymes with nice. What is it? (rice)
e. This gets shot into space. It rhymes with pocket. What is it? (rocket)