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Planning a Drama Lesson

Group Of Children With Teacher Enjoying Drama Class Together

Here are some guidelines for planning a drama lesson:

When planning a complete drama lesson. . . (1)

Consider your…………….AIM.

Do you want to develop speaking and listening skills?

Improve concentration?

Build confidence?

Explore the life of the Victorians?

Teach young children to count?

Understand and appreciate a particular story or novel?

(2) Work out your…………….OBJECTIVES.

How can your aim be achieved?

What is the simplest route to take?

Are games suitable to achieve your outcome?

What games?

Do you need a stimulus?

Is your aim clear and do your objectives meet it?

(3) Think about………………..CONDITIONS.

What age group are you working with?

How much space do you have available?

What abilities or difficulties do your children have?

What resources are available to you?

Do you have a separate time allocated for drama?

How much planning and preparation time can you spare?

(4) Spend time on your……….PREPARATION.

What resources or equipment are required?

Where can you find the information you need?

Do you need to research a subject?

What problems or difficulties might arise?

Do you have answers to possible questions?

Are your activities sensibly structured and balanced?

(5) Reflect on the………….OUTCOME.

Did the children achieve what you wanted them to?

If not, why not?

What could you have done differently?

Did the lesson retain its focus?

Were the children ‘on task’ at all times?

What skills, knowledge or achievements can you build on?