Relaxation is a very important strategy to use to promote self-regulation with young children (0-6)


Relaxation is a very important strategy to use to promote self-regulation. The following activities will enable children to reduce stress and to help them release mental, physical and emotional tension.


Relaxation activity: Burst Balloon

Resources: Clear space.

Other Benefits: Relaxation, energy, concentration.

Instructions: The children all lie on the floor. The teacher gets them to imagine that their body is a balloon. They are going to close their eyes and inflate the balloon. They fill up their tummies with air. Then when they are full the teacher counts to three and the children shout bang and they let all the air out of their bodies like a deflated balloon.



Relaxation activity:  The Rock

Resources needed: Clear space and chairs

Instructions: Each child sits on a chair with knees bent, feet firmly on the ground and back straight. The leader tells them they are rocks embedded in the sea. They should feel the cool and refreshing sea water against them. Tell them to take a deep breath of sea air and let it go gently, imagining the sound of seagulls in the distance. Tell them to breathe in and out slowly and gently, feeling each breath with their whole body. When their bodies are completely relaxed, gently tell them to slowly open their eyes. Have them discuss how this felt.


Relaxation: Happy Place

Resources needed: Clear space, mats

Instructions: The children should lie down on mats and close their eyes. Tell them to imagine they are in a place where they feel happy and safe. Tell them to think about: what they see; what they hear. Tell them in their happy place they should feel safe, peaceful and relaxed. Tell them to put their left hand on top of their right hand and that when they do this in future, they will go back to their happy place. Then gently ask them to slowly open their eyes.