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The Little Match Girl – A Christmas Play for Children.

The Little Match Girl – A Christmas Play for Children.

Characters: Three narrators, Little Match Girl, the Little Match Girl’s father, Grandmother, Mother, Father, Boy, Girl, Stove, Christmas Tree, Shooting Star.

The Little Match Girl – A Christmas Play for Children.

Narrator 1: Long, long time ago, there lived a little girl who was very poor.

Narrator 2: She had to sell matches to make enough money to buy food.

Little Match Girl’s Father: Go out and sell these boxes of matches. We need the money. Don’t come back until you have sold the last box.

Narrator 3: It was winter and it was very cold.

Little match girl: (takes out matches) I’ve been trying to sell matches all day but no one will buy them. I’ve not earned a single penny to buy food.

Narrator 1: Day turned to night.

Narrator 2: She grew colder and hungrier by the hour.

Narrator 3: She looked longingly in the windows of the houses. In one window, she saw a family laughing and singing around a large table that was filled with Christmas food.

(Family is enjoying their meal while they are laughing and having fun by the fire.)

Little Match Girl: Oh, how I would love to be inside there with that family. They look so warm and they are having fun. I can’t go home because my father will be very angry that I haven’t sold one box of matches. (She shivers.) If I light one of my matches, it will warm me up.

Narrator 1: She took out her matches and struck one.

Narrator 2: She cupped the flame to keep her warm and suddenly a stove appeared in front of her.

Stove: Come here, Little Match Girl and warm yourself by my hearth. It is very cold this Christmas.

Little Match Girl: Thank you so much, stove.

Narrator 3: Then, suddenly the flame went out and stove disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Little Match Girl: It is getting colder and colder. I dare not light another match.

Narrator 2: She did not light a match for a long time but then she whispered to herself.

Little Match Girl: Just one more match. (Her teeth are chattering and she is shivering.)

Narrator 3: She lit the second match and she was transported to a warm room with a welcoming fire and a table laden with good food.

Mother: Come in and sit down by dear.

Father: Warm yourself by the fire.

Girl: Have some of our food.

Boy: Then you can play with us.

Narrator 1: Just as she was about to eat the food, the match died and the magical room disappeared before her very eyes.

Little Match Girl: I’m so sad, cold and hungry. I will light just one more match.

Narrator 2: A magnificent Christmas tree appeared before her very eyes.

Christmas Tree: Come and sit under my branches.

Narrator 3: There were hundreds of candles burning on the tree.

Little match girl: Oh, what beautiful candles. (She stretches out her hand to touch the candles.)

Narrator 1: Suddenly the match went out and she scorched her fingers.

Little Match Girl: Ouch. I’m alone in the dark and cold again.

Shooting star: Whooosh. (Flies across the stage.)

Little Match Girl: There is a shooting star. My grandmother always told me that if you saw a shooting star in the sky, someone somewhere was dying. I will light one more match.

Narrator 2: Her grandmother appeared.

Grandmother: There you are. At last. I’ve been waiting a long time for you.

Little Match Girl: Please don’t go. I know you will disappear like the stove, the family and the Christmas tree. (She frantically lights one match after another.) Please take me with you.

Grandmother: Come with me to heaven. There will be no hunger or cold, only joy and happiness.

Narrator 1: The next morning the family was on its way to Christmas morning mass when they saw something in the snow.

Boy: Look, there is a little girl in the snow.

Girl: She is not moving.

Boy: She is surrounded by all these burnt matches.

Mother: She has no need for matches where she is going.

Children: Where has she gone?

Father: She is gone to a place without cold, hunger or pain. Just warmth and happiness.


Christmas drama games for children.


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The Creation (In the Beginning) – a children’s books play based on a Bible story

The Creation (In The Beginning)

 A children’s play

Characters: Storyteller, God, Light, Dark, Sky, Sea, Water, Land, Moon, Stars, Fish, Birds, Plants, Trees and Animals (there can be as many stars, fish, birds, plants, trees and animals as you want.)


Storyteller: In the beginning, there was only God.

(Enter God. He stumbles around in the darkness.)

God: This world is very empty, there is nothing here. (He looks around in the darkness.) I think it’s time for a change. I will make this world brighter and fuller.

God: First of all, we need light. Light, light come here at once.

Light: You called, God. (Light stops suddenly and starts to walk slowly in the dark.) It’s very dark in here.

God: I know, that’s why I called you. This world needs light.

Light: Let there be light. (This stage gradually becomes brighter.) That’s much better.

God: I shall call you day but it can’t be day all the time. Let me think… (God scratches his head.) I know, we need some darkness. Dark, dark come here at once.

Dark: You called God. (Dark stumbles on the stage and he is blinded by light.) It’s very bright in here. (He puts on his sunglasses.)

God: I know, that’s why I called you. I need you to make the earth dark half the time.

Dark: Let there be darkness. (Lights are dimmed.)

Storyteller: That was the first day on earth. The second day began and God said…

God: I’ve more work to do. (He looks up.) How will I cover up the blackness of space? I know, I will make a sky. (Sky appears on stage and looks a bit confused.)

Sky: Where am I? What am I?

God: You are the sky. You will have a very special job you will be the top of the world.

Sky: How wonderful, I can look below and see everything. (Looks down but is disappointed because there is nothing there.) There’s not much to see.

God: Have patience Sky, my work here is not done.

Storyteller: On the third day, God thought to himself.

God: The world is missing something. I’ve got night, day, the sky. I think we need some water. Let there be water. (Water enters.)

Water: You called God. How can I help?

God: I need something to cover the bottom of this world. (He points around the stage.)

Water: I will cover the world. (He tries to spread himself all over the stage but he can’t cover the entire space.)

I don’t think I can fill all the space at the bottom of the world.

God: I shall call your friend, land. She might be able to help. Let there be land.

Land: You called God, how can I help you?

God: I need some dry land for the world.

Land: (looks at her watch) I’ve time to stay here in this world for a few billion years.

God: Water, you shall be known as sea and land you shall be known as earth.

Storyteller: Now there was day, night, sky, sea and earth.

Storyteller: On the fourth day the sky came to God and said…

Sky: I’m lonely up here.

God: Don’t worry, I’ll get you some friends. Let there be stars and moon. (Enter the stars and the moon.)

Stars and Moon: We will brighten up the sky so she will never be lonely again.

Storyteller: On the fifth day, the water came to God and said…

Water: I’m lonely here by myself. This sky has the moon and stars to play with, I’ve got no one.

God: Don’t worry water. I’ll get you some friends. Let there be fish in the sea, birds in the sky.

(Enter the fish and the birds.)

Fish and Birds: We will swim in the sea and fly up the sky so the sky and the sea will never be lonely again.

Storyteller: On the fifth day the land came to God and said…

Land: God, I’m lonely I need some friends. The sky has the moon, the stars and the birds and the water has the fish. I have no one.

God: Don’t worry land I’ll get you some friends. Let there be plants, tree and animals on the earth. (Enter animals).

Plants, Trees and Animals: We will grow and roam on the land and the earth will never be lonely again.

Storyteller: On the seventh day, God looked around and said…

God: I’m very pleased with the new world I created. I think I’m finally finished. There is one more thing for me to do and that is to make the seventh day a day of rest.

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