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10 Getting to Know You Games

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1. Two Truths and a Lie

  • Instructions: Each person says three statements about themselves: two true and one false. Others have to guess which statement is the lie.

2. Human Bingo

  • Instructions: Create bingo cards with different characteristics, hobbies, or experiences. Participants go around asking each other questions to fill in their cards.

3. The Name Game

  • Instructions: Sit in a circle. One person says their name and a favorite food that starts with the same letter. The next person repeats the first person’s name and food, and then adds their own, and so on.

4. Who Am I?

  • Instructions: Pin a name of a famous person on each participant’s back. Everyone asks yes-or-no questions to figure out who they are.

5. Pictionary: Getting to Know You Edition

  • Instructions: Participants draw something that represents a hobby, favorite food, or talent they have. Others have to guess what it is.

6. Memory Chain

  • Instructions: Participants sit in a circle. The first person says their name and something they like. The next person repeats what the previous person said and adds their own name and like. Continue around the circle.

7. Beach Ball Toss

  • Instructions: Write get-to-know-you questions on a beach ball. Participants toss the ball, and the catcher answers the question their right thumb lands on.

8. Snowball Fight

  • Instructions: Each person writes something interesting about themselves on a piece of paper, crumples it into a “snowball,” and engages in a snowball “fight.” After, each person picks up a snowball, reads it, and tries to guess who it belongs to.

9. The Shoe Game

  • Instructions: Everyone takes off one shoe and throws it into a pile. Participants pick a shoe and find its owner. Then, they introduce that person to the group, using details they’ve just learned.

10. Scavenger Hunt

  • Instructions: Create a list of things for people to find out about one another, such as “someone who has traveled to Europe” or “someone who plays a musical instrument.” Participants then go around and ask questions to complete the list.

These games are great icebreakers and help people get to know each other in a fun and interactive way.


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