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An example of a therapeutic story for a 4 year old that deals with grief


Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there was a happy family of birds. Mama bird and Papa bird had three little baby birds, who loved playing together and exploring their world.

One day, while the baby birds were playing, a big storm came and Mama bird was hurt. The baby birds were very scared and sad because Mama bird was taken away and didn’t come back.

Days and weeks went by, and the baby birds missed Mama bird very much. They felt sad and lost without her. Papa bird tried to comfort them, but he was also sad and missed Mama bird too.

One day, while they were playing, they saw a beautiful butterfly flying around them. The butterfly had colorful wings and was very graceful. The baby birds watched the butterfly with amazement and asked, “Butterfly, how do you fly so high? We wish we could fly like you!”

The butterfly replied, “Dear baby birds, flying is not always easy, but it’s important to keep trying. Just like when you lost Mama bird, it was hard, but you are strong and can keep going. Sometimes when we are sad, we feel like we can’t go on, but we have to keep trying, just like when we learn to fly.”

The baby birds thought about what the butterfly said, and they started to feel a little better. They realized that even though Mama bird was not with them anymore, they could still keep going and learn to be strong, just like the butterfly.

Days and weeks went by, and the baby birds kept playing and exploring their world, but they never forgot about Mama bird. They would always remember her and the happy times they had together, but they also learned to keep going and be strong, just like the butterfly.

In the end, the baby birds realized that even though Mama bird was not with them anymore, they could still find joy and happiness in life. They could keep learning and growing, just like the butterfly, and they could always remember Mama bird and the love she had for them.

And so, the baby birds lived their lives, with the memory of Mama bird in their hearts, and the knowledge that they could be strong and resilient, just like the butterfly.



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