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Odd one out – Character exploration

Group Of Children With Teacher Enjoying Drama Class Together

Write down a name corresponding to each of the following categories:
Family member – own generation
Family member – parents’ generation
Family member – grandparents generation
School friend – own sex
Childhood friend or acquaintance – opposite sex
Fellow worker or colleague
Childhood influence
Rival at school or college
Teacher who influence me
Teacher whom I didn’t like
Character from novel, play, or film (female)
Character from novel, play or film (male)
TV personality
Historical character
Hero or heroine
Person recently in the news
An exciting or glamorous job
A dull boring job
A job that is difficult job
Taking the first three people (1, 2, 3) ask yourself whether there is a characteristic that two have in common which the other person in the triad lacks. Write the odd one out at the head of a separate list. Then move on to the next triad (2, 3, 4) and repeat the operation. Do this to the end of the list.
Make up a short story using these people – you did not need to use all the names but at least six.
In small groups tell your story
Choose some at random from the list.
Spend some time thinking about this person
Their history and background
Their memories, expectations and hopes
Their attitudes and assumptions about life and the world, influences
The kind of relationships they make with other people
The way they tend to behave in particular kinds of circumstances
What they afraid or drawn, towards, confident about
What do they find easy/hard to do
What would they be like to go on holiday with/ share a prison cell with? Be told off by?
How they react to things?
What sort of things have happened to them and how has that affected them.
Ideas should just come to you. Don’t spend too long thinking about it?
Make a sculpt of the person.
Talk your partner about the person.



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    Today I saw that you have plays based on Oscar Wilde’s stories and would love to get The Canterville Ghost – I cannot leave comments on amazon for I do not use a credit card ..oh is a long story… can I reach you anywhere else?

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