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Drama Workshop dealing with Gender Issues


  • to explore and discuss situations where gender prejudice may occur .
  • to realise that men and women can be sexist to develop strategies to start to deal with gender bias.
  • Get to focus on group skills and developing roles with emotional conviction.

Skills developed:

  • Whole group drama 
  • Paired improvisation   
  • Role playing 
  • Facial expression & body language 
  • Hot seating 
  • Thought tracking 

In groups discuss siituations where you experienced prejudice or where prejudice can occur.
Group feedbacks to the class.

E.g. Builders on a building site whistling at women; a man attending flower arranging classes.

Complete the following statements non verbally

  • All athletes are . . . 
  • All people on the dole are . . . 
  • All vegetarians are . . . 
  • All men who wear earrings are . . .
  • All politicians are . . . 
  • All women are . . . 
  • All skateboarders are . . . 
  • All women with blonde hair are . . 

Interviews in pairs

Start off with an interview for Tescos.

Both male.

The interviewer is now male and the interviewee, female

the interview is for a job in the stockroom and the interviewer is sexist and doesn’t want to give the job to the woman. How might he dissuade her?

Comments? What excuses are made?

Boss interviewing secretary.

Both are Female

Secretary now male – female boss is sexist

Did this change the interview at all?

Male Boss, Female Secretary

Male Boss, Male Secretary


Jobs for the boys… Improvisation based around jobs which are traditionally done by men / women and how society is changing. 

In groups of four, choose a stereotypically male / female work environment. E.g. a building site or beauty parlour. 

Three pupils are the same gender and the fourth is a new employee of a different gender. Devise a sketch which shows the workers’ reactions. 

A sketch with two endings could be devised: 

• the new employee is forced to leave • the new employee is accepted through proving their worth 

These sketches could be used for thought tracking or hot seating activities. 


• In groups of 4, design an advert, which is aimed specifically at females, such as kitchen equipment or washing up liquid.   

• Do the same for an item aimed at men. 

• Now take an item, which has been advertised by another group, and advertise it in a non – sexist way. 

• Which group is most successful at not being sexist? Why? 



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