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Broken Telephone

Apple iPhone 4 with crashed screen

Broken telephone
Age: 9+
Minimum number of participants: 5
Resources needed: Clear space
Instructions: This is a classic game. Get the class sitting in a circle and the teacher whisheprs a simple message to one of the children. They must pass the message on to the person next to them but there are few rules. They must whisper.
They must try to speak clearly
They can only say the message once
The last person stands up and says what the message they received.
The message usually changes and the teacher sees if she can locate the broken telephones. It maybe broken in more than one place. Tongues twisters can be very effective here as they help children be mindful of their articulation
Some examples
She sells sea shells at the seashore
Four fat frogs fanning fainting flies
Run the rock the ragged rascal ran

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