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Storytelling in Early Years Setting


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The following is a guest blog I wrote for the Montessori Print Shop blog. It is about storyteelling in Early Years setting.

The following are some pointers you should use when story telling to young children. The first thing that a teacher/educator should do is identify the children’s interest. Examples of topics that children may be interested in are animals, stories where children their age are heroes, stories about things children like to do, getting dirty, playing with an adult around, trying something new for the first time, etc.

Another question that often comes to light especially with new teachers is “where do I find good and appropriate stories for young children?” The stories can be from your head that you have remembered from childhood or have  made up. The stories can be from picture books particularly useful if trying to encouraging reading.  Libraries have many collections of folktales often compiled in easy format books, or adaptable to your needs. Stories that deal with families are also often very effective.

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