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Planning a complete movement lesson


The following are suggestions for planning a complete half hour to an hour movement class from children aged 3 to 6. Any class should include the following components.

Warm up: A brief warm up serves to focus the child on movement as well as prepare young bodies for moving.

Concept Introduction:

Introduce the students to movement concepts of the lesson by having them say the concept words while briefly experiencing the movements and shapes. For example if you are introducing the concept of size the students would say the words big small medium while making the shapes.

Concept Exploration:

In this part of the lesson the students have the opportunity to explore the concept and discover how it affects movement.

Example: Concept –Speed, ideas for exploring- have students alternate between moving slowly and quickly. When moving slowly get them to image that they are just waking up – yawning, stretching, rolling out of bed and so on. When moving quickly imagine that they are in a hurry. You could play two selection of music one slow, one fast.

Skills Development– the skills development section of the lesson should include one or more of the following.

Rhythm skills developing a sense of rhythm through playing musical instruments or moving to rhythmical chants

Locomotor or Non locomotor skills- practicing age appropriate skills such as galloping, hopping, jumping floating, turning and so on.

Movement combinations: practising a sequence of movement a mime or a dance or movement sequence. This requires the children to learn to link movements together. A movement combination could be a simple folk dance, a children activity song or a dance created by making a sentence of locomotors and nonlocomotor words. For example melt…roll….rise..hop.

Free Dance

A free dance should have a fairly open structure

A movement story can fit in to any part of the lesson. It can fit into the concept exploration providing you choose a story that clearly articulates the concept you are introducing – the naughty shoes – direction

Movement stories that are highly structured cam work well for the skill development portion – The mice go to the zoo- flexibility and body awareness.

Movement stories can provide a free fun dance activity – the painter and the elves- it has a great deal for divergent movement responses.

 For some ideas for movement stories buy Drama Start.



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