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Preparing a monologue!

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preparing for your monologue:

  •  Answer the following questions
  • Who is your character speaking to? (themselves, someone else, the mirror, the audience, invisible friends, etc)
  • Where is the character? (setting: time, date, place)
  • How does your character feel?
  • How will you show your character’s emotions in your script? (think about words used, actions, tone of voice, attitude, facial expressions, etc)
  • Does your character’s mood change throughout your performance?
  • How do you want the audience to respond? (laugh, sadness, curious, thought-provoking, etc)
  • How do you want the performance to end? (situation resolved, cliff hanger, happy feelings, complete change from beginning, etc.)
  • Write a paragraph about the situation/ event/ character.  Be as creative and imaginative as you can be.

Your character:

You do not need to discuss all of these aspects in your script, but the more information you have the better you will be able to prepare.

  • name
  • gender
  • age
  • ethnicity
  • accent
  • occupation
  • family
  • interests / hobbies
  • personality
  • likes and dislikes

Evaluating your performance:

 How did you feel before the performance?

 How did you feel after the performance?

What can you improve on?

 What do you think you did well?



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