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Games to mix the class up!


Who likes Boyzone?


All sit in a circle.  Choose someone to stand in the middle and take their chair away.

The person in the middle makes a statement such as ‘Change places if you like Drama’  The seated members of the group must swap seats with someone else if the question relates to them.  The person in the middle has to find a seat too!  The result is that there is always someone left without a seat.  They then make another statement like ‘Change places if you have blond hair’ and the game continues.

Note:  It is important to discourage pushing in this game, and for reluctant pupils, statements to do with facts (like blue eyes, blond hair etc) work better!



2.  Fruit Salad


An old favourite with many variations!


  • Sit in circle.  Choose 4 or 5 fruits and go round the circle giving each person the name of a fruit in order, e.g. orange, apple, banana, kiwi …
  • Choose someone to stand in the middle and take away their chair.  This person then calls out the name of a fruit.  Students who are that fruit must change their seat while the person in the middle tries to find a seat too.  Whoever is left over becomes the person in the middle.
  • Carry on using different combinations of fruit and even saying ‘fruit salad’ which means everybody must swap places at once.



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