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Drama workshop based on addiction (Alcoholism)


Drama workshop based on addiction (Alcoholism)

The group will be asked to stand on an imaginary line across the room – one end represents STRONGLY AGREE and the other end represents STRONGLY DISAGREE with NOT SURE in the middle.

Possible statements to discuss are:

Adults have double standards when it comes to drinking

All/ very few young people drink alcohol

There are never any problems using alcohol

Most drinking problems involve young people

Peer pressure is the reason why young people drink

Young people with high esteem are less likely to drink

We have a serious problem with drinking in this area

Legal drugs (alcohol and tobacco) do more harm to society than illegal drugs

We learn our attitudes towards drinking from our families

Once everyone is on the line at a point which represents their view discuss the statement before moving on to the next one. It is best to hear one argument at a time from the opposing positions on the line and you will need to chair any discussion to make sure all the opinions are heard.

Once the various opinions have been heard offer students the opportunity to move to a new position if they feel their attitude has changed following the discussion. Repeat this process for all the statements, keeping the discussion brief.

Complete the statement

Either in small groups or as a whole class ask students to discuss and complete an unfinished statement

Suggested statements

The main reason why people drink is…

The main problems caused by drinking are…

Parents and teachers are very ignorant about talking to young people about alcohol because…

The best people/places to get information about drinking are…


Hotseating – in groups of 4 hotseat these characters. Each person in the group chooses a character and each takes a turn in the hotseat.

A victim of a drink driving.

A parent of a teenager who was involved in drunken fight.

A teenager who wants to drink to fit in with his friends.

A college student who has had to get their stomach pump after an excessive bout of drinking.


Still Image

Make a still image of each story. Choose one story and make 6 still images of what had actually happened.


Improvise the story in your groups. Then the teacher can call out freeze. The group freezes the teacher goes to each person and asks them what they are thinking. Only the person the teacher taps on the soldiers speaks or moves. When the teacher says continues the scene continues.

Closure: To finish, conduct a round of ‘the most important thing we have discussed is………’

Then in pairs each person sculpts their partner into how they are feeling at the end of the session.




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