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Exploring Disability – Drama Workshop

AIMS: To explore through drama how people with special or individual needs may be treated by society.

STRATEGIES: Hot Seating                    Small group work

Whole group                   Thought tracking

Discussion: Discussion about different types of disability and how people can come to be disabled.

A) Run a lottery to decide who will play the part of the disabled person, small pieces of paper are pulled from a bag and one is marked with a cross.

B) Ask the class to open their papers together. What are their feelings before they open the paper? After finding out whether it is them or not, how do they feel?

Small groups:

A) In small groups devise and show a scene before the accident happened to show why the person was liked and popular.

B) In small groups do a “911 Moment” What were people doing when they heard the news of the accident? How did they feel?

C) Show small moments – FREEZE- then interview/thought track in role.

Bigger groups

A) The person’s friends want to visit now that they have returned home. How will they organize this? How do they feel  before they knock on the front door? How does the disabled person feel before their friends arrive?  (There may be awkward silences.

B) The whole class decides to take their friend out as a treat. Where to?

When they arrive someone in authority is unhelpful and rude about their friend.   Act this out.  How do they react? How do they feel?

Reflection:   What have we learned? How would we cope if it were us? How would we want to be treated if it was us who became disabled or were born with special needs?  List all the places and activities that a disabled person might find it  difficult to use. Think of your school and list all the ways in which a disabled person would have difficulties using it.



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