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Setting up a role play in an Early Education Setting

Children dressing up as professionals

Role Play

Role Play can be one of the most important activities for young children; it not only stimulates their imagination but can help with their social development. Literacy, numeracy and other curriculum activities can all be planned as part of a role play situation

A Garden Shop

This can be particularly appropriate in the Spring and Summer Terms when it can coincide with growing activities.

Suggested items to collect:

Plant pots, Containers of artificial flowers, Seed packets (made by the children), Posters, and Child sized: Spade, Fork, Trowel, Canes, Watering can, Seed trays and Sieve


Take a trip to a local garden centre.

Grow cress, sunflowers, pumpkins, beans, bean sprouts etc.

Design and make seed packets.

Make paper and card flowers for the shop.

Discuss safety issues in a garden, including poisonous plants and berries.

Maths activities – Counting, using plant pots and seeds, flowers in a bucket.

Money, using a play till and money.

There are endless variations of shops: Bakers, Newsagents, Shoe and Clothes shops, even a mini supermarket which can all incorporate activities from other curriculum areas.

A cafe

This is appropriate any time of the year and can encourage a lot of interaction between the children. Make a change by having a French or Italian cafe – the possibilities are endless.

Suggested items to collect: Plastic Tea set, Beakers, Napkins and serviettes, Plastic cutlery, Trays,  Play food, Cakes and Biscuits,  Menu cards, Blackboard for menu,  Notepads and pencils,  Hats and aprons,  Chairs and tables,


Cooking, making small cakes and biscuits to sell in the shop.

Use the cafe as a way of introducing food from other cultures.

Make menu cards or have a blackboard for the children to write the menu for the day.

Maths activities – Weighing out ingredients when cooking.

Money, using a play till and money.

Counting and sorting cups, saucers, plates and cutlery, cakes etc.

A Theatre or Cinema Box Office

Again this is appropriate any time of the year and could coincide with an end of term performance of songs or play for the parents.

Suggested items to collect: Computer,  Keyboard,  Play till,   Posters, (real or child made),  Tickets,  Simple seating plan, Popcorn,  Programmes (made by the children),  Uniform,


Making posters and programmes.

The box office could be used to sell tickets to parents for an end of term event.

If possible this activity could coincide with a visit to a local theatre.

Making popcorn, looking at the change in the corn

Maths activities – Money, using a play till and money.

Counting by making a seating plan out of squared paper and using coloured stickers to stick on the squares to represent when the seat has been sold.

Introducing time, what time the performances will start.



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